Frequently Asked Questions

1What is your Cancellation Policy?
Any cancellation will result in loss of a non refundable deposit of $165.
In the event of rain or bad weather, the client has up to 72 hours prior to the picnic date to decide if they want to reschedule the event.
If client needs to cancel due to non weather related reasons they lose full deposit prior to 72 hours of scheduled picnic date.
St. Pete Picnic Co. will not be able to assemble in bad weather and will offer the client to reschedule at a later date and can make the call day of picnic (If client chooses not to cancel on their own).
If the client is a FL resident they have a 6 month limit following the cancelled event for rescheduling and must be of equal or higher value. If the client is a non-resident they have 1 year to reschedule at any open, available date.
St. Pete Picnic Co. will apply the Client's original deposit toward the rescheduled event if it is within the appropriate time frame of the original picnic date.
2How long is my reservation?
2 hours, and any additional time exceeding 30 minutes is $25 per hour.
3Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes! I just charge a $25 cork fee for alcohol and provide an ice bucket and wine key. As well as plates, cups and utensils.
4Do you host picnics at other locations?
As long as they are within Pinellas County, allow alcohol if you are drinking, and give me an easy access to load and unload into desired picnic spot.
5What is included in the initial set up price?
Includes full picnic set up/tear down, 2 hours of picnic time and lemon water.
6Can you host large parties over 8?
I only have the capacity and supplies to host picnics under 10 people. One day I hope to expand! Parties 6+ are limited to park picnics only.
7Do you have any Vegan or Gluten Free options?
All grazing boards by Gather Round and Graze are available in vegan and gluten free options. Fruit Bowl and Hummus Platter are vegan as well.